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Vango Galaxy 300

We have had the Galaxy now for a while and the principle behind it is sound. It can be a bit of a struggle getting changed in and out of your bike gear, sorting gear out and cooking in a low dome or tunnel tent so why not add a standing height porch at the front?

This is the real selling point of the Galaxy 300, a generously proportioned porch which is seriously bright thanks to a number of windows and a skylight all of which have toggled curtains for privacy or to keep the light out when you need to.

187cm at the peak is standing height for most and the generous floor space gives you plenty of room for two to sit on low chairs on one side and cook or prepare food if you want to on the other side. It comes with a foot print for the porch but we tend to roll half of it back at the front so we have a muddy boot area and a clean sock area which we cover with a cut down picnic mat. Gives you something nice to crawl onto in the morning when you need to get up and out to the toilet.

Like other modern Vango's it has a tension band system which gives you 2 straps, inside, either side as you go in, and makes it stable in high winds. It works; the sides don’t blow in but the whole front can lift in very high wind (ask Jill, she was out in the middle of the night pegging it down) but the high porch is always going to be somewhat susceptible to damage from the wind. We just carry 2 extra heavy, long pegs for the front if its going to be bad. You can stand and hold onto both of them in the morning to help steady you while you get your boots on which is handy.

Little plastic rings are fitted to the roof to hang lamps and in the bedroom inner which slopes down at the back. Pockets to stow small bits and pieces run down either side of the inner.

You can get 2 full size sleeping mats in the inner (one either side) with enough room for a third in-between or have plenty of space to crawl around in.

In terms of construction the Galaxy 300 sits in Vango's trekking range so the materials used are plenty strong and durable; the 5.6kg weight is ok on a bike.

Vango galaxy bag
    The stuff sack is 'Fast pack' which roughly translates to 'big'.

    We like this as you can use the compression straps to cinch it down

    and there's no frustration without feeling like you're trying to squeeze

    a square peg into a round hole. You can get a lot of extra stuff in the

    bag if you don’t use the straps so much; just all depends how big your

    back seat is or rack. Overall we like it, its roomy and practical and you

    can live in it for long periods if you need to.





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