Falun - Sweden

The last time a FIM Rallye, the most prestigious event arranged within Federation Internationale Motocycliste, was held in Sweden was in 1984 in Jönköping. This rallye was said to be one of the best ever in the over 50 year history of FIM Rallyes.

In 1998 Sweden will once again host a FIM Rallye. The city of Falun and the oldest Mororcycle Club in Sweden, The Twin Club, will have the privilege to arrange the 53rd FIM Rallye 1998.

The Twin Club was founded back in 1956 by initiative from a local policeman. Predominantly British two cylinder motorcycles were used by the early members of The Twln Club. As time went by the criterion for membership changed and today all types of motorcycles are welcomed and the number of members are around 100 persons. This year The Twin Club celebrates its 4Oth anniversary!

Kopparträffen, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, is an annual bikers meeting arranged by The Twin Club. Every year last weekend in july Kopparträffen attracts some 600 bikers to Falun from all aroud Sweden and Europe. Even more visitors are expected to come to the 53rd FIM Rallye in Falun, July 9-11, 1998. Some 1500 bikers from all over the world will come and some 200 staff will be there to serve all the guests with a flavour of Swedish hospitality. The Twin Club, in collaboration with SVEMO and SMC stands host for the 53rd FIM Rallye. One of Europe's most modern centre for sport and recreational activities, Lugnet, has been booked for the occasion including all the adjacent camping facillties. Lugnet is also the Nordic Ski centre of Sweden and has hosted three World Championships in cross country skliing. From the top of the ski jump slopes there is a beautlful view over Falun and surroundings.

Falun is also intimately associated with Falu Copper mine where the copper ore has been mined for over 1000 years. The mining activities were shut down just a few years ago bur visitiors are still welcome to visit the mine and museum. Falu Copper mine is also the source of Falu Rödfärd, the typlcal Swedish red paint used on typical Swedish red houses. Also the world famous Falu sausages has its history related to the Falu Copper mine. The Twin Club warmly welcomes you and your motorcylce to Falun, the town with long historical traditions, and the 53rd FIM Rallye July 9-11, 1998.