Is it legal to use a camera on your helmet or bike? So far I haven't found any law against using a helmet-mounted camera except possibly in Australia, so this is derived from articles on dash-cams.

The legal issues where they exist are all derived from privacy concerns and despite having common GDPR standards, vary enormously between countries.
Starting with where it's legal:
UK, Spain.

OK but restricted:
France and Belgium, OK to record but no public use. i.e. no youTube.
Germany; public upload only after all personal information is removed e.g faces and number plates. So fine for recording those scenic rides on empty roads.
In Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Malta, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia it's OK to record but varies after that; I haven't found any specific detail for these.


Banned and don't even think about it:
Austria and Portugal where it is illegal to even own such a device.


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NRMA: Is it illegal to attach a camera to a motorbike helmet?

I see lots of stories doing the rounds about UK  replacing GB  on numberplates (and the oval plates) so here is the official statement - GOV.UK on Numberplates.

Registration Plate BannerAs JT Chivers has done an excellent job of explaining this here is a link to his blog.

Put simply, lots of options to decorate your number plate if staying in the UK but only one has any standing if going abroad.

It is with regret that the committee has decided that it would be too risky to hold the Pilgrims Rally this year. We are planning the 2022 event however for the weekend of 5/6/7th of August and will publish further details soon.

NRR 2020 indianThis event has been running since the 1930s and uses the strapline, “The BEST excuse ever for a ride out”. I took part last year (after a 20-year gap) and really enjoyed it, and I know that other members would as well.

Think of it as a Treasure Hunt, around England (similar events are run in Scotland and Wales). You chose how many miles you wish to ride and then plan a route to suit yourself. The manned control points of previous years are being rested at the moment, so even if the restrictions continue, we should still be able to ride it. Instead, the volunteers (clubs, ACU/BMF centres, church groups etc), have nominated a venue (pub, factory, coffee stop etc) and placed a yellow poster there with a unique 6 digit number on it. You record the number and the time at each stop.

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All cases are £30 for 6 bottles.

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