Memories a funny thing and it takes a while for memories to surface sometimes, which is why this personal recollection of the Mayflower Clubs FREE Rally is being written now. I saw the notice in the club papers and mentioned it to Terry my son in law and being patriotic, we decided to attend.

Peter Mallon;

Bob McNeil;

I had always harboured secret, romantic ideas of Greece, ever since reading translations of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey as a child. To sleep in the cradle of civilisation, to marvel at the mighty temples on the Acropolis, to walk in the footsteps of St. Paul where he preached on the Aeropagus – these were my dreams. With the FIM rally being held in the Peleponnese in 2008, I finally had my chance.

I felt like being sick, my head was spinning, never mind that, my body was spinning. A myriad of colours materialised before my eyes, nothing discernible, just impressions like an out of focus photograph and a gradual, but mercifully rapid, grey blackness that left me numb. A slight awareness, can't move, rumbling sensation in my ears, sleep.

That's it then. Not another this millenium. And lots of you missed it. No more. Done and dusted. History. We'll all have to wait until August 2000 for the next Pilgrims Rally. Those of you that managed to get there will know that it was as good as ever-just quieter. Where was everyone? What did we say? Do wrong?