Force10 01Nice and warm this year. Had some good chats and had a decent if muddy walk then assorted pubs were surveyed. Lots of reports of wet rides home suffering soggy gloves and hailstorms!

shipping2Slowly, the old valve radio in the corner crackled into life...’This is the shipping forecast for the British Isles …….

He’d heard enough. Leaning over Chris S. switched off the radio and went back to his knitting, it was probably going to rain the whole weekend. Being an ex fireman he’d dealt with water before; he’d ridden in it, paddled in it, hell he’d even drank it from time to time... but the thought of doing anything nautical on it did not appeal to him.

Chapter 1 – Wednesdays child is full of woe? 

 He'd responded well to treatment. Several weeks of everything his beloved Kent had to offer; Folkston Pudding Pie and Kentish cider, meant that young Rob had managed to fight off the North'vid M6 virus he'd picked up at the last camping weekend. Not wanting to suffer again he planned to travel down on the Thursday; bag a good pitch away from others so as to isolate himself a bit. The bike was all loaded and chomping at the bit to get on the open road.

Despite the gloomy weather forecast, we still had 37 members and a couple of guests attend the February camping weekend, on the outskirts of Yeovil. The Red House is a large country pub, with camping on-site and a bike riding landlord.

This year the May BH weekend saw the MayflowerMCC's first visit to a campsite in Watten.


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