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Who are we?

The Mayflower Motorcycle Club is a national club with a local feel - we are renowned for being a very sociable touring club with a wide range of members across the country - the focus being that it doesn't matter what motorcycle you own as long as you ride it.

The club attends rallies all over Europe, including events organised by the F.I.M. In addition, the Mayflower Motorcycle Club organises a full social calendar, including the long-standing Pilgrims Rally . Monthly camping weekends in different parts of the country also feature: a pre-requisite for any meeting is a real ale pub with good food.  The club likes to camp in interesting parts of the country where members can enjoy a decent ride and have somewhere to look around during the course of the weekend. These camping weekends are regularly attended by 40 per cent of the club's membership.

 Over the course of the year, some 80% of the club's 175+ membership attends a club event.which reflects the enthusiasm of its members and may surprise some of the larger local, national and one-make clubs.

February - St Valentines Day; Cotswold Villages & muddy lanes

By a warm log fire telling tales of the sea.

Not been off-road just the muddiest lanes ever seen!

A report from Michael Wadsworth

I find a BLUE SKY for a short while on the Fosse Way  (Which the Romans started to build from AD 46) travelling south into Warwickshire and North Oxfordshire.

At the traffic island near Stretton on Dunsmore l pay my respects to the Immortal 29th Division,with my  thoughts of my past visit to Gallipoli,Turkey.

Once in North Oxfordshire  the roads are covered in mud & filth,with the Mystic & rider are well and truly lathered up with road grime!

What happened to our road sweepers? - when did YOU last see a Road Sweeper? (l can remember when l was a child the fascination/noise of the round brushes sweeping the gutter,with water spray and then stopping to use a hook to lift up the grate of the drain for BIG SUCKER to lift up the silt from blocked pipe, just plain magic!!).

My port of call for the night is The Gate Hangs High at Hook Norton a Drovers Inn which was situated on a old "Drover Road" for the February camping weekend of  the Mayflower MCC.

Tent up and then l take a stroll into Hook Norton with most of  the cottages built from yellow oolite Jurassic limestone with thatched roofs.

With lunch on the agenda l find the Pear Tree Inn and l am drawn to the "Yard Arm IPA (7.0%ABV)" (must be the ex- "Wavy Navy" matelot in my blood!) and its chance of a "Voyage of Discovery" however only sold in half pint pots (for health & safety reasons?) which adds even more taste to my beef baguette. Also chance to chat with fellow "Pilgrims" that by chance had pop in for refreshments .

Time to stroll again via the "Brewery" and on returning to the camp ground, great to see more pilgrims taking to 3 x wheels for the winter months.

A enjoyable evening was spent in The Gate Hangs High which even had a "Rally Menu" on offer.

Sunday morning l took breakfast alfresco in the front of my tent because it had turned quite mild again. So now time to leave and find a "North Oxfordshire Cleansing Station" on the River Stour to help cleanse the Mystic of road grim at the Traitors Ford. Civil War 1642-1645.

The Civil War Armies supply route takes me north to the Battle of EdgeHill.

Next time l find myself in this area l will try and make a social call & check out its ambience at the Castle pub at Edgehill.

        Bye for now from Edgehill

March: Nottinghamshire …

Leaving early on Friday the overcast sky was darkening rapidly and I would have been expecting a heavy downpour had I not known of the eclipse. Others with clear sky reported an inability to leave until the observations of the return of the sun god had been completed.

After the early gloom the clouds cleared for me as well leading to a dry and occasionally sunny weekend. The cold wind though did encourage indoor pursuits and some even demonstrated impressive culinary camping skills.

Application forms for the MayflowerMCC Pilgrims rally (August 7-9) are now available; click here.